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Algae Mower Vac
Algae Mower Vac

Like anything else, too much of anything is bad for your tank as well; whether it is fish, plant, coral or algae. As the living god to your tank, you thought you had the ultimate power over what should be in there or not!

But when it comes to algae, you are humanly powerless as many types of algae can proliferate and get out of hand if no controlling mechanisms are in place. Especially when you are dealing with too much of filamentous algae in the tank!

You have been told that you definitely have to be radical to bring it within manageable levels such as treating your whole tank with chemicals or removing the affected objects from the tank for brushing and even cooking them in boiling water. You know it is going to take specific attention on your part for a few weeks to prune them by hands and manage other parameters like water chemistry, lighting period and food amount to overcome it? Nothing good ever happens quickly, right?

WRONG! For the first time ever, an ingenious electromechanical handheld tool is invented for the aquarium trade to easily control the amount of filamentous algae and any detritus that you allow to exist in your tank!

Maintaining a clean aquarium is easier than ever! Just use the Algae Mower Vac regularly for a few minutes a time and once or twice per week, you can enjoy your beautiful tank and avoid time consuming and ineffective methods like before to:

1) Scrub the hair algae off from rocks with a toothbrush and risk spreading them all over the tank.

2) Take the infected objects out of the tank for cleaning or even cook them with boiling water. This radical measure often is hard or impossible to do without dismantling the whole tank!

3) Introduce more algae eating fish and invertebrates that undoubtedly generate more pollutants to grow more algae but still naively hope for the best!

4) Dump chemicals into your tank to kill them but likely hurting other inhabitants including beneficial bacteria in the process and upset the delicate parameters so vital to the well being of the fish, plants and corals that you treasure the most.

5) Use clumpsy net or siphon tube and water bucket for spot cleaning or do gravel and sand bed vacuuming of FISH WASTE and UNEATEN FOOD. (No more net being caught on objects or needing to replenish water after cleaning again!)


1) Remove Hair Alage: The algae can be on rocks, plants & even corals. Alage Mower Vac can reach into tight places!

2) Remove Debris : Such as: Fish waste, uneaten food and soft matters. The drill bit can be removed when working on delicate plants or corals.

3) Remove Debris On bottom: All small debris on the bare bottom or gravel can be easily removed. The suction tube length with respect to the exposed drill bit can be adjusted for optimum suction force!

4) Remove Suspending matters: In a split second, the Algae Mower Vac maneuvered and captured the suspending matters. No more net being caught on things or messy siphon tube & water bucket anymore!

5) completely Get matters out: The debris filter cup can be easily removed from the Alagae Mower Vac to be cleaned after use!

6) Change water:Insert the hose into the Algae Mower Vac's water outlet, water will be directed out of the tank and into a bucket to perform water change while cleaning debris at the same time!




  1. 1) Super light weight. (about 10 oz or 284g)
  2. 2) 9 volt household battery operated. ( For 1 hour of non-stop use)
  3. 3) An AC/DC wall adapter is also included for continuous use.
  4. 4) Adjustable rod length to fit 6" to 36" (15 to 91 cm) deep tanks.
  5. 5) Patented design long lasting powerful pump.
  6. 6) Use a stainless steel drill bit to dislodge hair algae & detritus.
  7. 7) Adjustable drill bit to any attacking angle.
  8. 8) Adjustable water inlet tube height for suction.
  9. 9) Gid rid of hair algae and detritus from anywhere in a tank!
  10. 10) Remove Aiptasia too!
  11. 11) Plant and soft coral garden trimming.
  12. 12) Catch suspending matters in water easily.
  13. 13) Remove fish waste and uneaten food.
  14. 14) Detachable drill bit when cleaning gravel, plants or corals.
  15. 15) Detachable debris holding cup & filter for easy cleaning.
  16. 16) Gravel suction tube & fine mesh filter bag for no-hose no-bucket strong auto gravel and sand bed cleaning!.
  17. 17) A 6-foot hose to perform partial water change while cleaning when needed

Note: A brand new 9V alkaline battery can run the Algae Mower for about an hour continuously. We recommend getting a 9V NIMH rechargeable battery and a charger for long term usage.


  • 1) Hands-dry cleaning
  • 2) Use on any tank size
  • 3) Very simple to use.
  • 4) Speedy & easy cleaning.
  • 5) Export nutrients to lower tank's bio loads.
  • 6) No tank disruption.
  • 7) Avoid using chemicals.
  • 8) Much healthier fish, corals and plants.



Algae Mower Vac - AMV88 makes maintaining your tank EASY!


AM Vac also does powerful no-hose no-bucket gravel vacuum cleaning !


AM Vac does sand bed vacuum cleaning too!


AM Vac rescued a nano reef tank from hair and slime algae!


AM Vac does another gravel vacuum cleaning!


AM Vac does SPS coral gardening!


AM Vac does coral gardening to rid leaf-like algae!


28g reef tank maintained by Algae Mower Vac - AMV88